Best lighting for art – LEDs

Best lighting for art – LEDs
January 27, 2013 Robyn Buntin of Honolulu


LED offers the greatest aesthetic and environmental advantages for works of art:

  • LEDs are very energy efficient, long-lasting, and environmental-friendly.  They provide a fantastic cost savings
  • LEDs emit little to no heat, which protects valuable works of art (especially over long periods of time)
  • LEDs can provide a clean even distribution of light.  The individual fixture and color cast of the bulb that you choose can greatly effect the mood and “clarity” of the artwork’s colors.


  • LEDs do not omit UV rays, preventing your artwork from becoming faded.  (We still recommend using ultra-violet filtering plexiglas for works of art on paper or textiles in order to prevent UV damage from the sun and ambient lighting; especially in Hawaii)


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