• Jun212017

    Bochusai Packets Protect Scrolls from Pests

    People often come to us with artwork that has been damaged by pests, improper care, or neglect. Traditionally, scrolls are…

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  • May032017
    Tusha Buntin - Hawaiian Airlines In-Flight Video

    Kendo: Principles of the Sword

    We are honored to have Hawaiian Airlines feature gallery co-owner, Tusha Buntin, in the inflight documentary, “Kendo: Principles of the…

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  • May012014

    A Tribute to Moms for Mother’s Day

    We couldn’t resist this opportunity to share some of our favorite works of art showing Mothers and how much we…

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  • Aug012012

    Vajrapani Mantra by Joey Chiarello

    The first of several video interviews that shed light on Joey Chiarello’s inspiration for his unique sculpture. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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  • Jun212012

    To Burma (Myanmar) and back…

    After having a successful antique show in Hong Kong we decided we wanted to see Burma even if the guidebooks said that…

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  • Jun162012


    Travelling among the stupa, visiting the markets and lacquer workshops

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  • Jun132012

    Reuben Tam Print Revived

    This Reuben Tam print was so badly acid-burned and foxed that it was difficult to make out the imagery.  After…

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  • May262012

    A Prayer for the New Birth of Japan

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.                                …

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  • May252012

    A Visiting Master

    Master hyogushi (scroll and screen mounter) Shosaku Yoshimura came to visit our in-house art conservator, Frankie Saucedo.  Mr. Yoshimura was…

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