New York Asia Art Fair 2014 (March 14-18)

New York Asia Art Fair 2014 (March 14-18)
November 13, 2013 Robyn Buntin of Honolulu
Visit us in New York for the Asia Art Fair 2014

Visit us in New York for the Asia Art Fair 2014

March 14th through March 18th, 2014

Visit us in New York for a special exhibition where we will displaying fine art in three booths; Booths 3,4 and 5!

Booth 3: Embodiment of Bliss

The Enlightened Art of Japan

Tusha Buntin and John Stevens will be curating this booth and a special lecture has been arranged with Professor Stevens.  Along with the exhibition, a published catalog will be available for purchase with commentary and translations about Zen and Buddhist artworks.

About the Lecture

John Stevens, Buddhist scholar, curator, and author of many books, will speak on the theme “Embodiment of Bliss: The Enlightened Art of Japan.”  In both the spiritual and aesthetic realms, the best art brings the viewer to a state of bliss. In Japan, such a state is described as raku, a term that means “physical enjoyment” but also “spiritual awakening” and “liberation from mundane thoughts and actions.” Raku is another term for enlightenment, but it is an enlightenment that is not purely mental; the experience of enlightenment must be embodied. In enlightened art, the artist presents a vision based on long years of focused practice and reflection. In Japanese art, such a vision can be derived from Shinto, Buddhist, or Confucian ideals—on occasion, all three traditions combine in a single work of art.

Enlightened art, for the most part, is not created by professional artists. It is created by Buddhist masters, Shinto shamans, Confucian gentlemen, samurai warriors, and folk heroes. The art ranges from formal, detailed Buddhist painting to the simplest of all shapes, a Zen enso. Enlightened art is meant to enthrall, inspire, instruct, and encourage. In the talk, Professor Stevens will discuss actual examples of enlightened art taken from the exhibition so that we will have the opportunity to encounter these masterpieces face-to-face.

Booth 4 & 5: Japanese, Chinese, Southeast Asian, and Indian Art

Robyn and Judy Buntin will be curating these two booths and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the items on view.  We will be bringing our newest acquisitions and star pieces to tempt you!


Please feel free to email us at before Feb. 8th with any special requests for items that you might want to view in person.  We will be bringing many works of art from Honolulu and will be happy to include your requested item if it will fit within our freight.

The Asia Art Fair 2014 the be held at the Bohemian National Hall

321 E. 73rd Street, New York, NY 10021