• Jul022016

    South Sea Islanders in Netsuke

    I was recently taken by a couple of netsuke that came in to us from a Big Island Collection. These…

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  • May242016
    Hanalei by Russell Lowrey

    Hanalei, the Latest Painting from Artist Russell Lowrey

    If you’ve been to Hanalei, one of the most beloved areas of Hawaii on the island of Kauai, this scene…

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  • May162015

    2015 Hong Kong International Antiques Fair

    Join Us May 29th to June 1st in Hong Kong! Booth G4 We’re delighted to be participating in this prestigious…

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  • Feb182015

    Dreams of the Sea

    Introducing the playful acrobatics of Lynn Andrews’ Dreams of the Sea, synchronized swimmers.  These hand-printed and hand-painted mixed-media works of…

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  • Feb122015

    Asia Art Fair at the Bohemian in NY

    Visit us in New York! March 13 – 17, 2015   |  Booth 404 Last year’s inaugural exhibit of the…

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  • Nov032014
    Collection of Japanese Boxes

    Repurposing Nostalgia

    Back in the early 20th century, cigarette smoking was definitely considered chic.  It was a thing of style and beauty…

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  • Oct232014

    Mantra by Tak Yoshino

    Zazen is the meditative sitting used for a spiritual awakening in Zen. The Zen Chair was created based on a…

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  • Oct222014
    Clifton Karhu Calendar - Year of the Rat

    Are you a boar or a rat? Zodiac Calendars by Clifton Karhu

      According to the Chinese Zodiac, each year of a twelve-year cycle is associated with an animal. It is believed…

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  • Aug282014
    Imua by Jean Charlot

    Imua – A Piece of Political History

      A photograph in the Honolulu Advertiser July 8, 1971 shows Jean Charlot presenting the original poster-size drawing to Curtis…

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  • Aug162014
    Madge Tennent paintings of Hawaiian women

    Group of 9 Madge Tennent Drawings

    A collection of Madge Tennent’s beauties of Hawaii have just been framed and are on display for the first time in…

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  • Aug092014

    Honolulu Collection of Chinese Jades, Snuff Bottles, and Scholar’s Items

    Just Arrived . . . A fine collection of Chinese antiques including some stunning Chinese jade carvings. 25 years ago,…

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  • Jun042014

    Boro Festival @ Honolulu Museum of Art – Linekona

    Join us this Sunday, June 8th for the first Boro Festival, organized by Temari.  We’ll have a booth with boro,…

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