Stories of Hawaii by Sarai Stricklin

Stories of Hawaii by Sarai Stricklin
July 8, 2013 Robyn Buntin of Honolulu
Sarai Stricklin Art At Robyn Buntin Of Honolulu





Imi Pono By Sarai Stricklin At Robyn Buntin Of Honolulu

Hawaiian iconography and legends are the inspirational reservoir for contemporary artist Sarai Stricklin’s silk batik paintings.  By a combination of traditional symbolism and her own contemporary interpretations of Hawaiian images, she is able to paint much more than a pretty picture.  Her paintings often spring from inspirational philosophies such as ‘Imi Pono, shown at left.

All the elements are here so it is time to dig in the steering paddle and make a new course!

Legendary and historical events come to life in vivid color with pieces like Kapueokahi, the birth of Queen Kaahumanu’s birth (shown below).

Sarai is to be found painting in her studio on Maui or helping her daughter’s organic farm.  She will be here on Oahu for her La Pietra Reunion and will be at the gallery on Thursday afternoon (July 11th, 2013).  If you’d like to meet the artist, please give us a call at 808.523.5913 to check when she will be in the gallery or to make an appointment.

Kapueokahi by Sarai StricklinKapueokahi

Many, many moons ago
From the sands of your protective shore
A canoe journey began
Mother blessed with child
Set out for Hawaii Isle
While out at sea
Came the call of destiny
Elements wildly appeared
Bringing churning fear
For the safety of one
Still yet unborn . . . 
The canoe turned around
And returned to shore
A pathway now leads
To the special cave
Where on that fateful day
While safe in Hana Bay
A Royal One,
The Beloved of Kamehameha the Great
Was born
And a light of Hawaii now shone.

Sarai’s artwork graces Disney’s Aulani Resort and has been used generously in their promotional materials.

Please stop by to see all of Sarai’s newest works on display!


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