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  • Jun212017

    Bochusai Packets Protect Scrolls from Pests

    People often come to us with artwork that has been damaged by pests, improper care, or neglect. Traditionally, scrolls are…

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  • May042013

    Ando Hiroshige Fish Are Blue Again

    These Ando Hiroshige woodblock prints had languished in their antique frames for many decades, getting acid-stained and foxed from mold.…

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  • Jun132012

    Reuben Tam Print Revived

    This Reuben Tam print was so badly acid-burned and foxed that it was difficult to make out the imagery. ¬†After…

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  • May252012

    A Visiting Master

    Master hyogushi (scroll and screen mounter) Shosaku Yoshimura came to visit our in-house art conservator, Frankie Saucedo.¬† Mr. Yoshimura was…

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